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Weather Decision Assistance for Professional Decision Makers

Welcome to the corporate web site of  The FleetWeather Group of Companies. The FleetWeather Group is a private weather consulting service that provides global weather intelligence,  customized weather interpretations and weather decision assistance to weather-sensitive professional decision makers. Our unique business model relies on providing legendary service and a unique blend of personalized service combined with customized site-specific weather interpretations. The FleetWeather Group is comprised of 3 divisions as follows:

COMPUWEATHER DIVISION – (Phone: 800-825-4445 / 845-227-8500)

FORENSIC PAST WEATHER / HISTORICAL WEATHER GROUP – CompuWeather’s forensic past weather service is useful when trying to determine or pin-point the exact weather conditions that existed for a specific past time and place. Knowing the exact weather conditions is vital for all weather related insurance claims, legal cases and engineering investigations.  Having accurate location specific weather information can make a huge difference when managing cases or claims involving damage, loss or injury.  The site-specifc service that we provide of pin-pointing the exact weather conditions for a point of loss (street-address, mile marker, GPS coordinates, etc.) is not available publicly on the Internet or from the National Weather Service. CompuWeather is the worldwide leader in the field of forensic meteorology and has produced over 64,000 forensic historical weather reports for attorneys, insurance professionals and engineers.

FILM, COMMERCIAL AND OUTDOOR EVENT FORECASTING GROUP – Staying on-time and in-budget and making great weather-related decisions is a huge challenge for producers and managers of film or commercial shoots, outdoor events and venues. CompuWeather is the leading provider of site-specific weather forecasts and weather decision assistance for the film, commercial and outdoor event industries. Don’t make those tough decisions alone without accurate, reliable and timely forecasts and live advice from CompuWeather. CompuWeather is open 24/7 and provides unlimited call-in live access to our meteorology for live updates, questions  or advice!


COMMERCIAL SHIPPING GROUP – FleetWeather Ocean Services provides global marine weather forecasts, ship routing advice, vessel performance monitoring and weather decision assitance for the worldwide commercial shipping industry. FleetWeather works with all types and sizes of commercial vessels and provides 24/7 live consulting services for the ship’s Master and shore-side operators. Our services can help you  save considerable time, money and fuel on every voyage and also eliminate or reduce speed or performance claims. Our “niche” business model offers a mix of today’s leading marine weather and performance technology coupled with personal, live and customizable service at all times (24/7/365). Clients consistently rate us #1 for Accuracy, Service and Attention!


SITE-SPECIFIC WEATHER FORECASTING GROUP – FleetWeather Forecasting Services provides site-specific weather forecasting and advisory services for land-based weather sensitive clients in and around the United States. We professionally interpret the weather so that you don’t have to. Professional decision makers rely on our weather decision assitance, live consultations and 24/7 access to our Global Operations Center to help them make important and timely weather-related decisions using the best information available. FleetWeather Forecasting Services provides you a cost-effective way to time-share a team of highly-experienced forecast meteorologists as if they were members of your in-house staff with access to them anytime (24/7/365). We offer a wide range of services for every budget and are best known for the outstanding legendary service we provide at all times.

The FleetWeather Group provides a wide range of commercial weather services for professionals decision makers dealing with past or future weather on land and at sea. Contact us now to see if one of our 3 divisions can assist you with your weather needs: 1-800-343-4567 or +1-845-226-8300

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